March 19, 2019


— Gastrointestinal Care —


Patented blend of natural polysaccharides able to create a protective film on the mucosae. Indicated for reducing burning reflux and to treat laryngopharyngeal reflux.


Useful in case of digestive difficulties associated with gastric hyperacidity and gastrointestinal swelling.


Patented combination of Psyllium & microencapsulated mint oil indicated in case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


Innovative medical device based on partially hidrolized guar gum (PHGG) and simethicone. Promotes normalization of intestinal flora, useful for proper bowel function and in case of irritable bowel syndrome.


Safe and efficient formulations based on simethicone to treat aerophagia and bloating.

Ginger X®

Phytocomplex standardized in gingerols and shogaols. Indicated in case of nausea and digestive function.


Diosmecite in a ready to use liquid form with an improved excellent absorption capacity. Indicated as antidiarrhea treatment.


A solution to treat chronic constipation, all in one sachet. An innovative formulation based on psyllium, PEG and simethicone.


Innovative liposomal curcumin to have the best curcumin bioavailability. Indicated for digestive function.


— Brain Health & Aging —

Choleon 5®

Controlled release bilayer tablet based on L-TRP and 5-HTP. It promotes serotonin synthesis useful as mood enhancer.


Patented formulation based on lipoic acid, DHA and vitamins E, C with trophic and antioxidant properties on nervous system.


Patented essential amino acid composition with clinical proven efficacy on recovery after brain stroke.

Melatonin Chrono®

Controlled release melatonin tablet to treat sleeping troubles.

Melatonin LypoChrono

Innovative liposomal melatonin for fast and prolonged effect of melatonin.



— Cough & Cold —


Innovative nasal spray based on natural polymer with a mucolytic and decongestant effect in 30 seconds. Indicated for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Efficacy clinically proven.


An Innovative molecular complex of polysaccharides and sea buckthorn provides mucoadhesive protective barrier properties. The formulation protects nasal mucosa and calm sore throat pain.


Polysaccharides and resins from Aloe Vera gel and Myrrh indicated for treatment of respiratory conditions, for nasal mucosa protection.

Mucobarryl ®

Molecular complex rich in honey, polysaccharides, resins and flavonoids forming a mucoadhesive gel, in order to calm cough and protect mucosa.


Original complex of plant extracts able to calm the cough, alleviate the burning sensation and promote the removal of excess secretions.


Synergistic complex from polysaccharides contained in plant extracts and sodium hyaluronate exhibits protective action on the throat.

Nasal wash

Nasal cleaning based on a power association between salts and polymer with beneficial properties on mucus fluidification, cleaning and hydration of the nose in an innovative delivery form.


— Weight Management —

Kaptufat® & Captocarb®

Limits absorption of dietary complex carbohydrates and fats, helps to lose weight.


Vegetal polysaccharides complex limiting dietary fats absorption.


Natural polysaccharides complex reduces absorption of carbohydrates and fats. Useful in overweight treatment.


— Supportive Care & Pain —


PEA and lipoic acids tablet with proven efficacy for treatments of conditions associated with pain and inflammation.


Highly selected blend of EEA (essential Aminoacids) useful to prevent or to reduce the effects of sarcopenia.



— Multivitamin, Energy & Immune Support —


Vitamin D3 from different sources in a wide range of innovative dosage forms.


THE 3W MULTILAYER® TECHNOLOGY:  On time, on site, where is right

Multivitamin & Multimineral range of products formulated in trilayer tablets to guarantees the appropriate quantity of nutrients at the proper time, where is right.


THE 3W MULTILAYER® TECHNOLOGY:  On time, on site, where is right

3 different iron sources, 3 different-releases, 1 tablet with proven efficacy.


THE 3W MULTILAYER® TECHNOLOGY:  On time, on site, where is right

Patented technology ensures an efficient and complete magnesium released in 24 h.


— Woman’s Health —


D-mannose sachet for Treatment and prevention of urinal tract infections (UTI).

Bio C®

Formulation to improve breast milk production during breastfeeding.

Duravit Pregnancy®

THE 3W MULTILAYER® TECHNOLOGY:  On time, on site, where is right

Trilayer tablet formulated with highly selected nutrients for pregnancy.


Vaginal tablet indicated in temporary alteration of uro-vaginal microflora.


Efficient and safe formulation for polycystic ovary syndrome.


— Muscles, bones & joint care —


Stick pack with collagen and GAGs for the wellness of joint function and articular cartilage.


Innovative products based on Kefir, vitamin D and calcium to protect from osteoporosis.


— Man’s Health —


Tablet based on Annurcomplex to contrast hair loss.

Utismile Man

Sachet with Serenoa repens, Lycopene and selenium for urinary tract care.