March 27, 2017

Food Supplement

Food supplement manufacturing facility produce solid oral dosage forms and Liquid.   is HACCP, ISO 22000, FDA  and  Saudy FDA inspected and approved. Plant is also registered  in more than 60 counties

Currently involved in manufacturing and packaging of more than 500 different formulation.

Validated 4.0 software system, represents one of the key success  of the food supplements department,  it allows to follow and documents the whole phases of the manufacturing process .


Food supplements Department: solid oral dosage forms technologies:

  • Dry blending
  • Granulates: dry, fluid bed, traditional drying and under vacuum
  • Tablet, micro tablet, mono layer, bi and tri-layer, chewable, effervescent and modified release tablets
  • Film and sugar coated tablets, candies,
  • Chewingum mono, multilayer uncoated & sugar coated
  • Capsules filled with powders, granulates, pellets, tabs or combinations
  • Stick pack
  • Thermo-sealed sachets for powder, granulates
  • Blister in PVC/PVDC, in Alu/Alu
  • Strips
  • Bottles in PVC, PV, glass
  • Tubes for effervescent tablets (10-20 tablets)

Food supplements Department: solid oral dosage forms annual capabilities * 

  • Dry blend,Granulates            4500 tons
  • Tablets                                  1 billion
  • Hard gelatin capsules           500 millions
  • Sachets & stick pack            500 millions
  • Blister                                   200 millions
  • Bottles                                  10 millions
  • Tubes for effervescents        5 millions

Food supplements Department: Liquid oral dosage forms technologies:

  • Blending, emulsions, homogenisation, liposome
  • Filling bottle for spry (10-50 ml), drops (5-50 ml) and syrup (100-1000 ml)
  • Filling monodose and 2 phase vials (5-20 ml)
  • Stick pack & sachet for liquid

Food supplements Department: solid oral dosage forms annual capabilities * 

  • Blending emulsions                                                   2000 tons
  • Homogenisation & liposome                                      200 tons
  • Bottles for Spray, Drops, Syrups,                              50 millions
  • Monodose bottles, 2 phases monodose                    70 millions
  • Stick pack for liquid                                                    70 millions

*annual capabilities on 2 shifts 5/7 working days

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