March 27, 2017



COMPRIGUM® is a technology, developed by S.I.I.T. Nutritional Division through which is possible, by a tableting-like process exploiting the particular features of the gum base, to obtain chewing gums to be used as a drug delivery systems releasing active ingredients.

a chewing gum tablet obtained by direct compression and tableting at high-speed standard machine, form  a chewing gum tablets that provides a quickly dissociable chewing gum,  after a few seconds of chewing, particles adhere together to form a uniform and homogenous mass.

The compressed tablet is capable of releasing the active ingredient into the mouth cavity, after 2-10 chews dissociation reaches to maximum.

We can formulate many sensitive active substances in model of compressed chewing gum that is advantage over other methods.

Significant benefits are:

  1. Fast release.
  2. fast absorption, and
  3. high content uniformity. Bi and 3 layered compressed chewing gum tablets has been developed by SIIT team.


COMPRIGUM® technology application benefits are:

1. Fast onset of action: drug dissolved in the saliva is readily available
2. Possible absorption of actives through the oral mucosa
3. Very high patient compliance
4. It reduces the risk for gastric intolerance
5. Extremely suitable for children or patients with swallowing disorders
6. Ideal to get local benefits in the oral cavity


COMPRIGUM® technology can be applied to finished product formulated as chewing gums releasing actives.
The shape can be round or rectangular.

Products already developed:

Anti-tooth decay/anti-plaque

Alertness and CNS


Anti nausea,

Anti emetic (prevention of motion sikness)

Digestive (effective in GI problems)






Each application of COMPRIGUM® on finished products is BRANDED and could be protected by patents issued or pending.