October 8, 2018

Duocam Plus


DUOCAM PLUS® is a technology allowing the separation of two different blends into the same sachet. The presence of an additional desiccant lamina ensures additional preservation of ingredients and protection from humidity.
DUOCAM PLUS® technology is based on a sachet within two compartments divided by a desiccant lamina. This new technology permits to have:
• the separation of two different blends during conservation and storage, since the blends are mixed just when are poured in the water
• the protection of active ingredients from deterioration.

This innovative technology aims to preserve the active ingredients avoiding negative interaction between the two blends and protecting them from deterioration. DUOCAM PLUS displays an additional desicant lamina to ensure an additional protection from humidity.
The technology is useful to maintain probiotic stability in order to avoid loss of Viability during storage and to permit the administration within other synergic ingredients for an enhanced effect.


DUOCAM PLUS ® technology application benefits are:
Fast onset of action of active ingredients
High bioavailability of probiotics
High patience compliance
Ideally for ingredients with poor shelf-life and high risk of deterioration
Useful for patients with dysphagia


Effervescent compounds


(vedi duocam classico)