March 28, 2017



SIIT has developed FLOATAB® technology, applied on health food supplements, using additives that allow to obtain prolonging of GASTRIC release by floating tablets.
The aim can be to counteract to gastric emptying, prolonging the phase of delivery of substances locally acting or only adsorbed at the gastric level. Floatab tablets can be also provided of a fast release layer for immediate dose delivery.
The shape can be round, oblong, oval, square, depending what you desire. The surface can be matt or gloss, white or coloured.


FLOATAB® technology application benefits are:
1. Enhancement of all nutrients having “gastric window” absorption
2. Better and efficacy relationship between quality and costs
3. Max plasmatic levels of prompt action Actives
4. Local high residence for gastric pathologies


Products already developed contain:
• Nutritionals locally acting
• Body weight management
• Anti-acidity ingredients
• Magnesium absorption improvement
• Polysaccharides delayed release


Each application of FLOATAB® on finished products is protected by patents issued or pending.


Production capacity (per day):
• Tablets, film or sugar coated tablets, modified-release tablets(3 Mio)
Packaging (production capacity per day):

• Blister in PVC/PVDC or in aluminium/aluminium foil (500.000 units)
• Strips in paper, aluminium, polithene or aluminium polithene (200.000 units)
• Bottles in PVC, PE and glass (10.000 units)

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