marzo 28, 2017



MICROCOAT® is a technology, developed by S.I.I.T. Nutritional Division, applied to probiotic bacteria with the aim of preserving their vitality and decrease the cellular loss at storage temperatures of 20-25°.


MICROCOAT® technology application benefits are:
1. Improve stability of active ingredients and extention of shelf life to 24 months at 20-25°C
2. Active ingredients protection from ‘negative’ excipients
3. Taste masking when required


MICROCOAT® technology can be applied to raw materials dosed in monodose sachet, tablets and hard gelatin capsules packaged in blisters or bottles.


Each application of MICROCOAT® on finished products is branded and could be protected by patents issued or pending.


Production capacity (per day):
• Dry blends (batch from 50 to 2000 kg) (10.000 kg)
• Granulates (Kg 1000): dried, humid with traditional or under vacuum-drying; fluid bed granulation process
• Tablets, film or sugar coated tablets, modified-release tablets, chewable and effervescent (3 Mio)
• Hard gelatine capsules (5,0 Mio):
filled with powders, granulates, pellets, tablets or combined

Packaging (production capacity per day):
• Sachets (2 Mio); Stick packs 250.000
• Blister in PVC/PVDC or in aluminium/aluminium foil (500.000 units)
• Strips in paper, aluminium, polithene or aluminium polithene (200.000 units)
• Bottles in PVC, PE and glass (10.000 units)

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