March 28, 2017



MICROIL® is a technology, developed by S.I.I.T. Nutritional Divsion, applied to a microencapsulation technology through coacervation. This technology consists in the inclusion of active ingredient (oil) in microcapsules (from 5 to 5.000 microns) of gelatins.


MICROIL® technology application benefits are:
1. Taste masking when oiled raw materials required
2. Enhance nutrients stability and isolation of interaction
3. Allow to mix and dose in all pharmaceutical forms (tablets, capsules, sachets and stick packs) an oiled raw material
4. Enhance gastroresistancy


MICROIL® tecnology can be applied to finished products in monodose sachet, stick packs, tablets and hard gelatin capsules.
Products already developed:
• Peppermint oil
• Evening primerose oil
• Borrago oil
• Dha oil


Each application of MICROIL® on finished products is branded and could be protected by patents issued or pending.


Production capacity (per day):
• Dry blends (batch from 50 to 2000 kg) (10.000 kg)
• Granulates (Kg 1000): dried, humid with traditional or under vacuum-drying; fluid bed granulation process
• Tablets, film or sugar coated tablets, modified-release tablets, chewable and effervescent (3 Mio)
• Hard gelatine capsules (5,0 Mio):
filled with powders, granulates, pellets, tablets or combined

Packaging (production capacity per day):
• Sachets (2 Mio); Stick packs 250.000
• Blister in PVC/PVDC or in aluminium/aluminium foil (500.000 units)
• Strips in paper, aluminium, polithene or aluminium polithene (200.000 units)
• Bottles in PVC, PE and glass (10.000 units)

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