March 28, 2017



MULTI-LAYER® is a technology, developed by S.I.I.T. Nutritional Division through which is possible, by a very unique tableting process, to manufacture tablets constituted by 2 or 3 layers. What when why triple layers tabletting technology for a more effective absorption of ingredients. Each layer assure a controlled release of ingredients to improve bioavailability.


MULTI-LAYER® technology application benefits are:
mostly related with the possibility of having time and/or pH-dependent layers in the same tablets. MULTI-LAYER® allows therefore to formulate products double or triple shooting actives, normally, slowly and/or quickly releasable.


MULTI-LAYER® technology can be applied to finished product formulated as multi-layer tablets releasing actives.
Products already developed are:
• Double shooting magnesium
• Double shooting vitamin C plus probiotics
• Mouth-dissolving actives for upper respiratory tract plus normal and slowly releasing actives for throat and immune system
• Triple shooting vitamins (normal and slowly released)


Each application of MULTI-LAYER® on finished products is branded and could be protected by patents issued or pending.


Production capacity (per day):
• Tablets, film or sugar coated tablets, modified-release tablets, chewable and effervescent (3 Mio)

Packaging (production capacity per day):
• Blister in PVC/PVDC or in aluminium/aluminium foil (500.000 units)
• Strips in paper, aluminium, polithene or aluminium polithene (200.000 units)
• Bottles in PVC, PE and glass (10.000 units)

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