innovative healthcare products


What do we do?

Development and manufacturing (in GMP , FDA, ISO 13485, HACCP, ISO 22000) of finished products in solid & liquid dosage oral forms


S.I.I.T. develops technologies for improving performances of customer product

Licensing out

A complete pipeline of innovative consumer healthcare product ready to license out.

Who are we?

Innovative Healthcare Products
The Company

S.I.I.T. is a privately owned company founded in 1959, as a pharmaceutical contract packaging company, in the 2nd half of the 80’s it started an important transformation, 3 important steps in the evolution process: contract manufacturing of health food supplements (1985), extension to pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (1994), research & development health food supplement division (2001) to offer its customers a global service, contract development and production. The company is organized in 2 competence units: Production of solid oral dosage forms (powder in sachets, tablets, capsules in blisters and bottles for pharmaceutical and health food supplements) offers a dedicated specialized production unit according to International Regulation statement for each type of production (Pharmaceutical/Health Food supplements), a complete respect of GMP (Pharmaceuticals) and HACCP (Health Food Supplements), high quality control services (chemical-physicals and microbiological) performed in our laboratories from qualified staff and modern instruments. The turnover growth rate of the last 10 years was 15% per year. Research & Development (R&D) offers a highly professional team dedicated to development of innovative health food supplements. The R&D department employs 10% of the total staff and the corresponds to the 4% of the global turnover.

  • Italia

    Market share of Italian Health food supplements contract manufacturing

  • West Europe

    Market share of West Europe HSF contract manufacturing

  • million units produced in 2021


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