March 27, 2017

Manufacturing & Services

S.I.I.T. develops and manufactures in GMP and HACCP, Health Food Supplements, Medical Devices and OTC, in solid and liquid dosage oral forms.

Production departments are specialized in manufacturing and packaging of solid dosage (sachets, sticks, capsules, tablets in blister or in bottles) & liquid forms (stick, spray, drops, syrup, monodose).

In 2016 more than 70 Mio units were produced.

Different manufacturing units dedicated to pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and to Health Food Supplements, well-equipped Quality Control Laboratories operating in GLP (good laboratories practices), are allowed to fulfill customer requirements.

S.I.I.T. is authorized by the specific local Authorities of the following extra UE countries to export Health Food Supplements, Medical Devices and OTC:

United States of America
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
South Korea


Certifications obtained by S.I.I.T. :

ISO 22000
ISO 14001

GMP Certificate

The Company is associated with Federsalus