March 27, 2017


SIIT was founded in 1959 as contract packager of pharmaceutical products.
During these years, activity was modified following market request.

In the 2nd half of the 80’s the company started an important transformation, 3 milestones in the evolution process:

  1. contract manufacturing of health food supplements (1985)
  2. extension to pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (1994)
  3. research & development health food supplement division (2001) to offer its customers a global service, contract development and production.

Now SIIT it is an innovative self-healthcare product contract developer & manufacturer with 3 business lines:

  • development and manufacturing in GMP, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, GMP FDA, of health food supplement, medical devices and OTC in solid and liquid dosage forms;
  • development of technologies for improving performances of customer product;
  • development of a complete pipeline of innovative healthcare products ready to license out

SIIT is a privately owned company with more than 1200 references on the market, 400 employees, and in more than 60 years of experience, thanks to advanced technologies and sophisticated manufacturing processes, it is considered a leading company in development and contract manufacturing of consumer self-healthcare products.